The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Glass

Many people probably assume that your residential glass isn’t very important. It’s a part of our homes and we take it for granted.  In truth, it’s very important as it protects us from the elements.  There’s a lot of things that go into the glass itself and its installation that are very important.  Here’s some of the worst advice you can get about residential glass.


Buy used glass 

People might tell you to go buy used residential glass because it’s cheaper and it’s all the same. They are right that it’s cheaper, but it’s not the same. There’s no way of knowing how long you’ve glass will last. It might not be very strong, and you could end up needing to replace it very quickly. Always buy new glasses so that you know that it strong and should last you a long time. There’s many places to go to get glass in the Spokane, Washington area. 


Install it yourself 

Whatever you do, don’t install your own residential glass. If you install it incorrectly it might not seal right and liquid could leak into your home causing bigger problems. Bottom line is there’s a lot that can go wrong, and it’s not worth the money or the potential safety hazard.  Go to a place in Spokane Washington that actually knows what they’re doing, and make sure that they’re licensed. A licensed contractor is required to have insurance that will cover you in case the glasses installed improperly. 


Any glass will do 

No it won’t! You need to use residential glass that fits your exact measurements. If you don’,t the glass won’t fit correctly and you’ll run into problems.  This can include improper sealing and water leaking into your home, or the glass breaking very easily. If you haven’t noticed there’s a pattern emerging hear that ends with you buying more glass.  Don’t let anyone tell you that and a glass will do. Make sure you buy the exact right glass for your home or you’ll regret it. 


Don’t skimp on your residential glass whether it’s on the glass itself or its installation. You’ll end up paying more in the end.