When Is It Time For Residential Glass Replacement?

Buying and installing windows can be expensive. A window by itself can cost you, but you also tend to have to buy multiple windows at the same time. Either way, buying windows can be a pretty decently sized investment.

So when is it time to replace windows and when can you perform simple fixes? Whether the window appears to be falling apart or you want to make your home more energy efficient, there are ways to fix the window to do so before you spend money on a new window.

Easy Window Fixes

First, check the seals on the window panes. If these are breaking down, you can always re-seal the pane to promote energy efficiency. It is best to do two different processes for each window, corresponding to the inside and outside of the window. For the inside, simply caulk around the window trim. On the outside, however, you should apply caulk between the house and window molding. Resealing the window will return energy efficiency to your house without having to buy windows.

Yet, the next consideration you have to take is when the house was built. You can still update the windows, but depending on the age of the home, you may want to replace the windows. For one, if the home was built prior to 1960, the paint in the windows most likely has lead in it, meaning that you should replace the window rather than risking your health any longer. On top of this, older homes at times come with the original windows, but replacing them with energy efficient windows can be done as window designs are so multitudinous that you will be able to find the right type.

Defective Glass

The most obvious reason you should replace the window is if there is a defect in the glass. It doesn’t take me writing here to tell you that if the glass broke—say, through an errantly thrown baseball coming through it—you should replace the window. But you should also replace it as progresses and it continues to protect you from the elements. It has to be remembered that windows don’t just conserve energy, but provide a first step toward protecting you against those elements. Broken windows allow moisture into the home, which can lead to mold or water damage, forcing you to pay to repair the damages.

Don’t let it get this far! Either re-seal the window or replace it!

Residential Glass Replacement with Grizzly Glass Centers

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