How to Change the Size of a Home Window

When it comes to home upgrades and remodeling, windows are often at the top of the list.

Maybe you want to reduce the size of a window in order to give a room better flow, or perhaps you’re looking to bring more natural light into your home. No matter the desire for resizing a window, it’s important to partner with the right professionals to get the job done. The team at Grizzly Glass Centers has all your glass needs covered.

Resizing a window takes preparation in order to be sure you don’t structurally damage your home. Be sure to remove all window casings on both inside and outside. Next, you’ll want to strip the wall to the studs. Try not to remove any extra wall if making the window smaller, make accurate measurements, and remove any extra drywall for installing a larger window. Finally, inspect the studs to ensure none were damaged while removing the window casings and drywall. Be sure to secure or replace any that may have been damaged or knocked loose.

Reducing Window Size
Reducing window size merely requires placing a new header and sill plate if adjusting the window height and width. If only adjusting height or width (not both), the existing header can be used. Once the new sill plate and header are in place, short studs get placed to shrink the width of the window. Be sure to use a tape measure and level when making these placements to keep the frame level and to size.

Enlarging Window Size
This is a bit more of a process. You should already have the drywall cut away to the new window size. Now you’ll want to add in new double studs. A double stud is merely a pair of two by fours secured together. Place the double studs where the outer edges of the new window is supposed to be. Be sure to account for space on the inner dimensions for the new header and sill plate as well.

Now that the new framing is secured, remove the old side studs, header, and sill plate. If the new opening is extremely wide, place extra two by fours between plate and the floor for extra support. Again, use a level to ensure the opening is completely plumb and your window won’t be crooked. This process can be a bit extensive, so checking with a trusted window replacement company like Grizzly Glass Window Centers can be advisable. Before placing the new window, be sure to remove any outside wall coverings to be able to properly fit the window in place.

It is ideal to replace any interior or exterior wall coverings that need it before placing the new windows. This will especially be necessary if you decreased the size of your window. Once the window is in place and completely level, add back window casings being sure to cut to new dimensions. You’ll also want to touch up any paint on new drywall.

For the best results, be sure to consult with your local window replacement company. The experts at Grizzly Glass Centers can assist with many window resizing questions to ensure you get the best option possible.