Can The Right Windows Save You Money on Your Home Insurance?

If the 1980s were the age of the “Me” generation, then the 2010s are the age of “save your money.” So many people today are trying to find smarter ways to save and spend their money, whether it is the tiny house craze, the uptick in remodeling efforts, or such activities as furniture restoration. This is little wonder: with so many people living in cities where price of living continues to climb while income remains steady, people have to turn to other options to make their lives easier.

While many people look to restore homes, utilize the internet to find the best rates on any number of things, or plant their own gardens, an area that is often overlooked that can save you money are the windows on the property. This doesn’t just mean saving money

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4 Reasons Why Professional Window Installation Matters

Are you considering purchasing and installing new windows on your home? Purchasing new windows can add great style, cost and energy efficiency, and insurance boons to your property, which is why many individuals are choosing to replace their windows this summer.

From the looks of it, it would appear that windows are the easiest item on a household to install by yourself. The window needs to be the same size—or just a tad smaller—than the hole cut into the exterior, then you simply put it into place and caulk the edges to create a seal.

What many don’t realize however is that windows come in so many different varieties and shapes, even on a single home, that installing them can be a real pain. Moreover, without the proper tools, many

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When Is It Time For Residential Glass Replacement?

Buying and installing windows can be expensive. A window by itself can cost you, but you also tend to have to buy multiple windows at the same time. Either way, buying windows can be a pretty decently sized investment.

So when is it time to replace windows and when can you perform simple fixes? Whether the window appears to be falling apart or you want to make your home more energy efficient, there are ways to fix the window to do so before you spend money on a new window.

Easy Window Fixes

First, check the seals on the window panes. If these are breaking down, you can always re-seal the pane to promote energy efficiency. It is best to do two different processes for each window, corresponding to the inside and outsi

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