The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Glass

Many people probably assume that your residential glass isn't very important. It's a part of our homes and we take it for granted.  In truth, it's very important as it protects us from the elements.  There's a lot of things that go into the glass itself and its installation that are very important.  Here's some of the worst advice you can get about residential glass.  

Buy used glass 

People might tell you to go buy used residential glass because it's cheaper and it's all the same. They are right that it's cheaper, but it's not the same. There's no way of knowing how long you've glass will last. It might not be very strong, and you could end up needing to rep
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The Ultimate Checklist for Buying Windshield Glass

Your car's windshield is very important for your safety. It keeps the elements and debris from hitting you in the face.  It has to deal with a lot, and sometimes it breaks. Getting the proper new windshield glass for your car is very important. You could wind up with another cracked windshield sooner than you think if you don't. Here's a checklist for when you're buying new windshield glass.   New vs. Used Always buy new windshield glass when replacing. There's no telling if the used glass is in good condition.  You run the risk of the glass breaking again if you go with used glass.  New glass assures that it meets the highest safety and strength standards.  Read More

Can The Right Windows Save You Money on Your Home Insurance?

If the 1980s were the age of the “Me” generation, then the 2010s are the age of “save your money.” So many people today are trying to find smarter ways to save and spend their money, whether it is the tiny house craze, the uptick in remodeling efforts, or such activities as furniture restoration. This is little wonder: with so many people living in cities where price of living continues to climb while income remains steady, people have to turn to other options to make their lives easier.

While many people look to restore homes, utilize the internet to find the best rates on any number of things, or plant their own gardens, an area that is often overlooked that can save you money are the windows on the property. This doesn’t just mean saving money

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4 Reasons Why Professional Window Installation Matters

Are you considering purchasing and installing new windows on your home? Purchasing new windows can add great style, cost and energy efficiency, and insurance boons to your property, which is why many individuals are choosing to replace their windows this summer.

From the looks of it, it would appear that windows are the easiest item on a household to install by yourself. The window needs to be the same size—or just a tad smaller—than the hole cut into the exterior, then you simply put it into place and caulk the edges to create a seal.

What many don’t realize however is that windows come in so many different varieties and shapes, even on a single home, that installing them can be a real pain. Moreover, without the proper tools, many

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