Can The Right Windows Save You Money on Your Home Insurance?

If the 1980s were the age of the “Me” generation, then the 2010s are the age of “save your money.” So many people today are trying to find smarter ways to save and spend their money, whether it is the tiny house craze, the uptick in remodeling efforts, or such activities as furniture restoration. This is little wonder: with so many people living in cities where price of living continues to climb while income remains steady, people have to turn to other options to make their lives easier.

While many people look to restore homes, utilize the internet to find the best rates on any number of things, or plant their own gardens, an area that is often overlooked that can save you money are the windows on the property. This doesn’t just mean saving money by saving on energy costs, but can also save you money on home owner’s insurance.

Maintain Integrity of Your Home

The first way that efficient windows can save you money with home owner’s insurance is basic: they maintain the integrity of the home by keeping unwanted detritus or critters out. By keeping these things out better than old windows, it prevents the owner from having to pay more in costs to the insurance company after something goes wrong. The next time the weak sealant around your basement window allows the entire basement to flood, you will be wishing you had newer windows.

Ask Your Insurance Company about Discounts

Another way that windows can save you money on home insurance is through the available discounts offered by the insurance company. Many companies reward home owners with high efficiency or Energy Star rated windows with a discount for contributing to the environmental betterment of the planet. When you buy new windows, give your insurance agent a call to see if you qualify.

Security Discounts

A third way that better windows save money on home insurance is through security discounts. While it is readily recognizable that if your home isn’t broken in to, there won’t be any need to turn to the insurance company, what many don’t know is that many companies give discounts for windows that provide better security.

Make Your Home Disaster Proof

A fourth and final way is closely linked to the second: making the home more disaster proof. For those living in disaster-prone areas like San Francisco (earthquakes) or Iowa (tornadoes), many insurance companies will provide a discount for windows that can maintain the integrity of the home against a sudden disaster.

If you are wondering if any of these discounts apply to you, check with your insurance agent. You may already be sitting on a discount and not know it!

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