Should You Buy Double Pane Windows?

Are you planning on replacing your windows this summer, looking to add a new, fresh design when it comes to exterior residential glass upgrades? One of the most common questions asked in store and online is whether one should buy double-pane windows or not. For the record in this introductory paragraph, it seems that you should buy double pane windows for numerous reasons.

First though, what are double pane windows and what makes them different from other windows? Double pane windows mean simply that the window comes with two panes of glass, with the two panes separated by a small space of air. This air space essentially “traps” the colder and warmer air temperatures of the varying seasons, helping regulate the temperature of your home.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

This is the first benefit of double-pane windows and a prime reason you should buy double-pane windows: they help regulate the temperature of your home in a more sustainable manner. Indeed, double-pane windows are able to reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home by up to 25%, leading to the ability to keep the furnace and A/C off and help contribute to environmental sustainability.

Next to the ability to save money and be environmentally sustainable, double-pane windows can also contribute to keeping outside noise out. If you live on a busy street in a busy city and would like some peace and quiet every so often, you should buy double-pane windows. Just as that air space and the two panes of glass lend themselves to saving money and the environment, it can also keep out a major chunk of sound wavelengths that come from outside. This can really save you when you would like to read a book, write, or figure out your taxes.

On top of these major benefits of buying double-pane windows, they also look really good. As you can tell by simply walking around your neighborhood, there are a multitude of designs that windows can come in. Double-pane windows tend to be designed in that classic, almost colonial look, a design that can look really good on any home.

Therefore, it is suggested here that you should invest in double-pane windows. This isn’t to say that there aren’t downsides to buying double-pane windows. For one, the upfront cost of buying and installing double-pane windows is expensive. You have to make sure that the windows’ quality—and remember, you don’t buy one window at a time—is up to standard. More importantly, it has to be installed properly. While these are upfront costs, the money you save in the long run can outweigh this con.

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